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Founded by the clubmaking industry's most widely acclaimed equipment designer, Tom Wishon Golf Technology is regarded as one of the forerunners in golf club equipment innovation, specializing in clubhead, shaft, grip and clubfitting technology.

In his learned and meritorious career, Tom Wishon has served a significant role in management, research and development for each of the clubmaking industry's three largest component distributors. In addition to creating sophisticated, industry-acclaimed designs for clubheads, shafts, grips and clubmaking/clubfitting tools and technology products, he has written literally hundreds of technical articles for golf and clubmaking publications around the world (Golf Digest, GOLF, GolfWeek, Golf World, Clubmaker magazine, Clubmaker Digest, Professional Clubmakers' Society Journal to name a few) and he has authored five books on clubmaking, shaft fitting and research, and custom clubfitting. Even more notable in Wishon's career is the fact that he is credited with numerous golf industry design 'firsts' which have been featured in many, many clubheads and clubmaking component products throughout the industry.

What first inspired Wishon 30 years ago remains the goal of Tom Wishon Golf Technology today, to develop and instill state-of-the-art clubmaking technology in clubhead, shaft and grip design and custom clubfitting technology to clubmakers around the world.

"My heart has always been and will always be in component clubmaking", says Wishon, who is currently on the technical advisory panel of Golf Digest magazine. "I have a great desire to help custom clubmakers be recognized as the pre-eminent source of quality custom-made golf clubs. My goal in starting Tom Wishon Golf Technology is to continue to develop the most up-to-date and helpful clubmaking technology in the areas of clubhead, shaft and grip design, and overall clubfitting information and then to offer those products and share that information with clubmakers so that they can take their rightful place as the best source of golf equipment for consumers around the world."

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