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TnT Golf Custom Fitting and Repair Services

TnT Custom Golf is certified by the Professional Clubmakers Society as experts in clubmaking. We offer custom club fitting, clubmaking, alteration and repair services.


Not in the market for a new set? In many cases, TnT Custom Golf can alter your current clubs to improve their performance. For example, your clubs may be correct for you in length and shaft flex, but the lies are not right for your swing. Lies that are too flat will sole towards the club head toe, resulting in shots that feel less solid, and tend to fly to the right with slicing action. Lies that are too upright will promote leftward shots with a hooking action. Incorrect lies will have the most impact on short irons, and will cause misdirected shots with the scoring clubs. We can dynamically lie test your clubs, determine if they're soling in the center of the sole, and make the necessary alterations using our Scotland Golf club bending machine.

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Alterations can lead to more distance, more consistency, better feel, and lower scores.

Custom Fitting

The results of the custom fitting process will be clubs that feel a part of you (like a well oiled machine), more fun, and lower scores.

TnT Custom Golf offers custom fitting of its leading edge products by appointment! Currently, we are the only golf facility in the Augusta area that has and uses The Golf Achiever launch monitor. This high-tech piece of golf equipment uses a grid of lasers to measure club head speed, ball speed, ball spin, launch angle, carry distance, and other factors. We use the data measurements to fine-tune a golfer's 'optimum launch angle' with a driver. Launch angles can be altered (up or down) to provide maximum distance off the tee. These adjustments in launch angle can be created by hitting balls with different driver heads, lofts and shafts. Desirable launch angles can significantly enhance effective driver distance and accuracy. Results on the tee line have often been as much as 25 yards.

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TnT Custom Golf offers virtually any repair possible, including regripping, reshafting,and shaft alignment. Did you lose a club? We can find a replacemrnt for it>\!