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TnT Custom Golf is proud to offer the best original equipment designed in the USA. Infiniti Golf, Tom Wishon Golf Technology,and Bridgestone Golf. We build with leading edge technology, including grips by Winn, Star, Lamkin, Pure, and Golf Pride. Shafts from KBS, FST, True Temper, Accra, Grafalloy, Aldila, Matrix,SK Fiber, UST,Graphite Design,and many others.

We custom fit all golf clubs we offer!

Our wide offering of different head designs, shafts, and grips, enable us to offer you a selection of hundreds of unique clubs. Our custom fitting process will determine which combination of club specifications will uniquely match your swing.

Moreover, you'll be fitted from state of the art technology. TnT Custom Golf is small, but much more nimble than the big guys. We offered KBS shafts, low profile fairway woods, multi-metal woods and irons, MOI fitting and other innovations when they first came onto the market.

"When you are fit by TNT Custom Golf, you are entering a different world. This is not a typical golf buying experiance where you grab what you want from the rack or smack a few balls into a net. Tell me your clubhead speed, gender, age, handicap and then hand over your hard earned cash in exchange for a set of 'I hope they work' clubs. This is NOT an easy place to buy golf clubs. It takes WORK on both our parts. It costs both to be fit and to service/build your set."

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Tom Wishon Golf Technology

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Tom Wishon began designing custom clubmaking components in 1985. Since then, he has designed more original clubhead models in more different areas of materials and production processes than any other designer in the history of the game. He remains the only designer in the component clubmaking industry to have created clubhead models which have been used to win on the PGA Tour and the Ryder Cup.

Infiniti Golf


We are pleased to announce the addition of Infiniti Golf to our line of original design custom fit clubs. These are the best of the best!! You have got to see their wedges!!