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TnT Custom Golf Fitting Services

Laser technology, high-speed electronics, precise mechanical engineering, and a deep understanding of physics enable the Golf Achiever Launch Monitor to offer the industry's greatest accuracy.

Golf Achiver

The Golf Achiever Analysis Screen provides detailed information about each swing.

golf achiever launch monitor (31K)
Golf Achiever

Have your launch angle measured for maximum carry and roll!

Video Analysis System

The Major advantage to using Golf Achiever VAS over all other Video Analysis Software systems is that you receive Launch Monitor Statistics from the Golf Achiever with every video file of your swing. This allows users to correlate the correct technique positions in video with the highest performance levels in ball flight statistics. Therefore, if you're trying to improve performance through changes in technique, Golf Achiever VAS will allow you to statistically and visually monitor your progress.

Golf Achiever VAS features include:

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"Properly fitted clubs are the only part of improved golf that anyone can buy. Yet it is a serious fact that players who have need of every bit of help in scoring often are hopelessly handicapped by their clubs."

Excerpts from a golf magazine exalting the virtues of the current custom fitting trend? Hardly, the quotes are taken from the book, How to Play Your Best Golf All the Timeby Tommy Armour, published in 1953!

Custom fitting is not a recent innovation. In fact, for the first several hundred years of the sport, all golf clubs were custom made by golf professionals for their pupils. The art of clubmaking and clubfitting was an essential responsibility of all golf professionals.

Clubfitting and clubmaking are back, and there is not one player, professionals included, who would not benefit from the services of a custom clubfitter.

TnT Custom Golf will dynamically fit your next set of clubs for those parameters which affect distance, accuracy, trajectory, feel, and launch angle. We will evaluate your current equipment and golf game to develop a starting point for which club specifications in your next set should be changed to enable you to meet your playing goals. Club length, shaft weight, shaft flex, shaft bend point, grip type, grip size, swing weight, balance point, head type, and loft and lie will be dynamically determined and fine tuned by measuring swing speed, shaft loading ability, and face impact and sole impact testing.

Dedication to a Quality Built Club

Wouldn't it be better if someone built your clubs who knew you and your swing? Someone well trained in fitting golf clubs to individuals, then building them to very exacting specifications? Someone locally who would be there to adjust your clubs as your needs changed? Someone who really cared about you and your game?

There is a company here in Augusta made up of individuals who really do care about improving your game through better fitting golf clubs. That company is TnT Custom Golf and those individuals are the R L ôRick" Terzia, Jr and Richard L Terzia lll. You only need to spend a few minutes talking with them before you realize these people understand the physics of the golf club and how to relate it to the swing. You quickly realize they are dedicated to their craft of fitting and building clubs. After a very short time you find out this isn't a profession they have chosen, it is a passion they have for the game of golf and for the equipment.

By doing this you will play better and pay less. Now that is a nice combination!

Guaranteed Quality and Satisfaction

TnT Custom Golf guarantees the fit and the quality of their clubs. Ask them about their guarantee. TnT Custom Golf will check and adjust your loft and lie to original specifications for as long as you own them. There is none more generous in the golf industry. Stop by and see for yourself. We truly care about you and improving your game with better fitting and better quality golf equipment.

There is a big difference between custom clubs and custom-fitted clubs...

Custom clubs are clubs which are made with characteristics different than the norm (i.e. longer/shorter).

Custom Fitted clubs are clubs made by the fitter to an individuals' specific needs determined during a fitting session with a qualified clubfitter.Your clubs are then built to very exacting specifications using state of the art equipment. Your clubs will be blueprinted and balanced to your swing!

The Four Steps of Fitting Golf Clubs

+ Another Step

These four steps allow us to fit your clubs properly the way the way clubs are supposed to be fit, by personal contact. First we will ask you a series of questions. The answers will provide a valuable insight into your statistics, any physical limitations, playing characteristics and finally your goals wants and preferences.

The next step we will find out what problems, if any, exist in your present equipment and if your clubs properly fit you.

The "Hitting Results Evaluation" give us information on optimum launch angle, directional control, solidness of hit and helps to separate club fitting from swing problems. We will utilize all of the 11 fitting variables to create the desired effect on ball flight and feel.

We will then use the collected data to calculate a "Fitting Recommendation". The recommendation could range from an adjustment to your present cubs, a change in set make up (drop a difficult to hit long iron and add a fairway wood or a gap wedge), to a complete new set.

Customer Satisfaction! (The other step that is only offered here!)

Your new set of clubs will be made exactly to your specifications and will fit your game "to a tee." We will request that you report back after several rounds to make any "fine-tuning" adjustments. TnT Custom Golf keeps records of the specifications for each club and can replace or repair a club to exactly match any club in your bag.