TnT Custom Golf Club Fitting

MOI Matching of Clubs Now a Reality

Matching the swing feel of golf clubs by Moment of Inertia instead of swingweight is now possible with the completion of the TWGT MOI Matching System

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We know that when we try to move any object, it resists our efforts according to its mass. If a mass is tied to the end of a string and rotated around, it offers a certain resistance to our efforts. If the string is lengthened, it is more difficult to make one revolution in the same time as before because the MOI of the entire ball and string as one object has been increased. Therefore, if we consider the object in our example to be a golf club, the MOI is a measurement of the golf club's ability to resist our ability to rotate the golf club around our body.

The MOI of the golf club is the parameter that resists our efforts to swing and rotate the club around our body in the swing. A golf club that has a large MOI will require more effort to swing than a golf club that has a smaller MOI. The proper MOI of the golf club for the golfer thus has a direct bearing on the golfer's strength, swing speed and the amount of control that the golfer has on the golf club when accelerating during the downswing to generate the energy potential needed to propel the golf ball. The energy potential of the golf swing can therefore be optimized by adjusting the MOI of the golf club to suit a particular golfer.

In MOI matching, it is critical to determine what exact MOI is best for each golfer. MOI can be unique for each golfer, this is why the major manufacturers of standard made golf clubs will never be able to offer their golf clubs in MOI matched form. Thus the potential for golfers to truly improve performance can be quite significant to the future growth potential of their game. When the right MOI for the golfer is identified, the TWGT MOI Matching System will enables TnT Custom Golf to build golf clubs to a matched MOI so that all of the clubs in a set will require the same energy to swing. When this is done, the golfer should experience an improvement in consistency to strike the ball on-center a higher percentage of the time, which in turn will translate into greater distance and better accuracy overall.

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