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Louisville Golf

Makers of the finest looking putters, drivers and forged irons ever made. Louisville Golf has combined the tradition of persimmon with modern design technology to produce the incredible Earthwood Putter and the Thumper Driver.

Since 1974 Louisville Golf has turned heads, literally, by turning wood into quality drivers and putters. Louisville Golf is recognized throughout the world as the leader in design and production of persimmon golf clubs. Located only 10 miles from downtown Louisville, Louisville Golf manufactures piles of felled timber into artful pieces of golf weaponry.

Persimmon's physical properties make it ideal for golf clubs. It weighs 52 pounds per cubic foot and its relative hardness, measured by the rebound characteristic "modulus of elasticity," is superior to other woods. Persimmon cushions little at impact, allowing the wood to maximize the energy transference to the ball.

Persimmon's Gear Effect makes it superior to metal "woods" for accuracy. A Golf Labs test proved Persimmon to be one yard longer in total distance to a Callaway titanium driver. The most recent World Congress of Golf established persimmon as a superior material for drivers. Rankmark, a club-testing firm headed up by industry equipment guru Charlie Mandel, echoed these facts selecting the SMART Persimmon Driver as one of the Top Ten Drivers in the industry.

Louisville Golf's clientele is a "who's who" of the golf industry, including the Ben Hogan Company, MacGregor, Spalding, Wilson and Tommy Armour.

LGthumper (10K)

The THUMPER Persimmon driver is the largest Persimmon driver ever made!

Smart 2 Fairway wood

SMART F2 Fairway Finder

Nimblick black Nimblick Fairway woodNimblick

NIBLICK Persimmon Fairway Woods

Improving on an original, the NIBLICK could be the best club we have ever designed. Joining Persimmon with our "V" sole plate design, the NIBLICK will soon be your favorite club to hit. Once a term used for a nine iron in the early years of the game, you will find the NIBLICK Persimmon Fairway Wood as easy to hit as your nine iron. Possibly the most effective design ever incorporated into a fairway wood, we are so confident in our NIBLICK's ability to help you game that we will GUARANTEE that it is better than any comparable club you have ever hit. Countless Louisville Golf customers already have experienced the benefits of carrying a NIBLICK - in fact, many of our customers can't use just one. More times than not, a golfer who orders the NIBLICK will add more numbers to their bag due to its reliability, effectiveness and the confidence it inspires.

Earthwood Putter

Earthwood Putter

Smart Blade Irons Smart Blade Iron

SMART Blade Forged Irons


FUSION A.T. Graphite Shaft with Titanium Braided Tip

Constructed of Graphite and Titanium threads, covered in an oak veneer, the FUSION A.T. melds materials from golf's past, present and future to create a shaft experience like you have not felt in any iron shaft before. Infused with a Titanium braided tip, which stabilizes the shaft where it it is most needed, the FUSION A.T. iron shaft reduces shaft twisting to promote more precise shot making.