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Infiniti Golf Infiniti Golf

INFINITI GOLF was founded in 1987 to provide the custom-club industry with the finest golf equipment available. Golf is our life. It is our passion to make professional equipment for all serious golfers who share the same enthusiasm.

We are constantly striving to improve our product quality, design and material. It is our never-ending quest.

Infiniti Golf AW 1 iron

AW-1 Forged Grind

Compact Tour Blade

Compact Tour Blade. Designed for professionals and top amateurs. Precision crafted with proprietary soft steel in a Concentrated Mass Design. Minimum hosel offset offers maximum ability to control and work the ball. This iron brings the skill and tour accuracy back to the game. Non-glare matte chrome finish. Due to the softness of the metal, It is recommended to have annual fine-tuning of loft and lie.

Available in RH #2-PW, and Gap wedge.

Infiniti Golf AW 2 iron

AW-2 Players Cavity Back Iron

Slightly larger face and progressive hosel offset offer the solid soft feel of the forged iron and the comfort of the cavity back design. Designed for professionals and top amateur golfers. Same proprietary soft steel and construction makes it easy to match with the AW-1 iron in a single set. Non-glare matte chrome finish.

Available in RH and LH #2-PW

Infiniti Golf wedge

AW Grind Wedge

Exclusive ground-back sole and weight re-distribution

Result of twenty plus years of searching for the perfect short game tool. Patent pending design brings the center of gravity back to the center of the clubface for consistent shotmaking. Effective sole bounce promotes a smooth lift. Proper toe weight prevents the face from shutting down. The result is a clean shot and soft landing. The exclusive grind makes it easy to lay open for lob shots.

Available in RH and LH Gap, Sand and Lob

Infiniti Golf Driver

388 Beta Titanium Driver

Aerospace titanium body with high strength beta titanium face. Uniform thin face construction and deep face profile offers an increased effective hitting zone. Exclusive scoreline pattern eliminates unwanted sidespin and higher center of gravity provides a true and penetrating ball flight and maximum roll on the fairway. 390cc in size with ball bearing finish completes the look of "Rugged, Raw Power". This driver is designed to meet the highest legal COR limit set by USGA. Available in RH: 9, 10.5 and 12 degree, LH: 9 and 10.5 degree.

Infiniti Golf maraging fairway wood

MRG Fairway Wood

Solid, thin, roll-forged maraging steel face insert on a cast stainless body. The vacuum annealing process makes the face 20% harder than titanium. The MRG fairway wood series feature a moderately shallow face profile with internal weighting on the sole. Extremely easy to get the ball airborne for desired trajectory. The result is greater ball velocity and longer distance.

Available in RH 14.5, 18, and 21 degree, and LH 14.5 and 18 degree.

Infiniti Golf utility wood

MRG Utility Woods

Same face and body construction as MRG Fairway Woods. Design as an all-purpose club in both fairway and rough. Shorter club length and heavier head weight give it the ease of hitting short iron with the forgiveness of metal wood, this result in the extended distance of long iron. This new and powerful weapon will turn some heads.

Available in RH 18 and 22 degree.