TnT Custom Golf Club Fitting

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Professional Clubmaker?

A Professional Clubmaker is a Golf Equipment Professional specializing in matching your unique swing characteristics with the proper selection of components and then meticulously assembling each and every club to your specifications.

Why should I buy clubs from a Professional Clubmaker?

Everyone is unique. When you buy clubs off-the-rack you are buying a "one-club-fits-all" set which was mass-produced on an assembly line. They are not built for your swing.

There are three elements of a true custom-fit set of golf clubs the fitting gathering of information, the selection of compatible components and the proper assembly and fine-tuning of each club. To ensure a proper fit and consistency through out the set it is essential that the same craftsman fulfills all three phases of this process.

Can I afford to have a Professional Clubmaker build my clubs?

Absolutely! Professional Clubmakers are often independent craftsmen who, unlike the major manufactures, have access to a greater selection of the highest quality heads, grips and shafts available on the market today. You may discover that a new set of clubs is not necessary. By installing the correct shaft or adjusting loft & lie angles, club length or installing new grips a Professional Clubmaker can often improve your game without the cost of new equipment. You save by not having to pay large mark-ups created by expensive advertising campaigns inherent with major brand equipment. You receive individual attention from a Professional Clubmaker who understands your individual needs and who will be there to service your equipment year after year.

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